2001-March 6, received a grant from the Conemaugh - Kiski Valley Conservatory towards Brush 80-5 in the amount of $4562.50

June 15, completed finish work on a pavilion erected in rear of the fire station, with concrete floor, bathrooms,and enclosed sides for  jubilees and rentals.

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History Timeline
Prior to 1941 Fire protection was purchased from the South Fork Volunteer Fire Company.

1941- February 4, the Fire Company was organized and the officers were elected

May 5, a charter was granted to the Summerhill Township Volunteer Fire Company

Fraternal Order of Owls donated their building on Jefferson Avenue to be used as the first fire station and purchased a 1941 International 500 GPM American La France engine. Also La France sent a loner fire engine until the engine arrived.

July 30, applied for membership and elcted to the Volunterr Firemen's Association of Cambria County and Vicinity

1943- August 4, hosted the Cambria county Firemen's convention

1950- April 4 , purchased the first fire siren and is still in use

1954-February 26, purchased a 1954 International GPM John Bean Engine aT A COST OF $16, 370. Delivered September 17th .
1975-  December 6, The 1941 engine was destroyed by fire returning from search detail for a missing hunter

1976- January 4, A fire at approximately 2:45 AM destroys the business district. Thirteen buildings were destroyed and thirteen were left homless. The damage was estimated at approximately  750,000. An estimated 35 fire companies and over 300 firemen battled the fire in sub zero  temperatures, the later was later ruled arson.

January 20- fire company purchased its first radio equipment from the Portage Vol. Fire Co  with a donation from the Beaverdale Lions Club.

January 20,-750 gpm fire engine at a cost of $42,502. The engine was delivered on September 24th that year.

1977-June 5, plans announced to construct a new 4000 square foot fire station on Cedar Street on land received from Robert and Helene Krantzler. Approximate cost of new station was $60,000. The steel building was constructed by Major Builders of Johnstown and Cooney Bros. Coal Co demolished the existed building and back filled the lot.

July 19, Heavy rains brought flooding to Beaverdale and surrounding areas

1978- March 7, the fire company moved into its new station. The fire alarms were now dispatched through Cambria County Communications Center. Cooneys Bros. Coal Co. built and erected a new fire siren tower at the rear of the station.

March 21, the fire company sold the old fire station for $15,.000 to a local resident James Lidonnice which will be converted to a Senior Citizens Center.

March 24, purchased 1000 feet of 4" large diameter hose.

1979-July 30, Joseph A. Meden Jr. was elected to serve as President of the Volunteer Firemen's  Association of Cambria County and Vicinity

1980-April 4, purchased new radio base station and mobile radio with a matching grant received from the Bureau of Forestry at a cost of $4200.

July 18, Mortgage burning held on final payment on fire station.

September 5, fire company replaced its 4" large diameter fire hose with 1400 feet  5" hose

1980-April 4, purchased new radio base station and mobile radio with a matching grant received from the Bureau of Forestry at a cost of $4200.

July 18, Mortgage burning held on final payment on fire station.

September 5, fire company replaced its 4" large diameter fire hose with 1400 feet  5" hose

1982-January 20, replaced 1954 fire engine with a 1980 Mack 1000 GPM fire engine at cost $70,511.

June 11, Arson fires plagued the township for approximately 14 months, destroying vacant buildings and barns. Also destroying the Buckhorn Grange Hall in November

October 5, purchased a 1982 Dodge van to be used as a squad at a cost of $9000.

1983-November 5, Finished renovation of the social hall with paneling, ceiling, and poured tile floor.

1984-March 6, completed engine room with paneling, ceiling, and new garage doors with electric openers

May 17, a fire at approximately 2:17 PM destroyed the former A & G Market and caused damage to Snub's Pub and Slifko Hardware. Damage estimated at $60,000.

1985- October 9, started construction of a 20' x 25' addition at the rear of the station for a kitchen at a cost of approximately $14,000.

1986-March 4, John Fornadel retires as Secretary after 31 years of service in that position.

August 1, fire company entered an agreement with Summit Bank to clear land at the rear of the bank to be used for fire company activities. Landscape work was donated by Cooney Bros. Coal Co.

1987-June 8, constructed a pavilion at the rear of the station for holding Jubilees. Cost approximately $6000.

July 23, purchased the A. Ford Boucher property next to the fire station for $11,000. Area to be used for a parking lot.

1988- July 12, 1976 Ford FMC engine was refurbished by 4 Guys Inc. of Meyersdale at acost of $30,860.

1989- July10, constructed a 20' x 32' storage and furnace room at rear of the station at cost of $12,000.

1990 -September 18, purchased a 1988 Ford E350 Utility vehicle from Bud's Auto Sales costing $10,000.

1991-January 17, Firefighter George Hollowniczky died in the line of duty while performing Fire Police duties at a structure fire at 308 Jefferson Avenue

July 3 -7, Fire Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a testamonial dinner and a weekend Jubilee at the fire station.

1992-November 12, a structure fire at 12:40 PM damaged the residence above Wilson's Hotel and claimed the life of 3 year old Justin Wilson. Damage was set at $75,000 and fire was ruled accidental.

November 21, a vehicle accident at 11:32 PM on Beaver Run Avenue near the municipal building claimed 2 lives when a vehicle struck an abutment and bursed into flames and 3 occupants were trapped inside the vehicle, the third occupant escaped and was seriously burned but survived.

1993-February10, fire company took delivery of a 1992 Spartan/Quality 1500 GPM engine with a 4 door enclosed cab from Kaza Fire Equipment at a cost of $175,000. This engine replaced the 1980 Mack 1000 GPM engine.

1995-March 3, purchased a 1995 Ford E350 Chassis from Impala Motors to replace the 1988 Ford Chassis at a cost of $15,000. A 4 wheel drive was installed by Quigley Motors and refurbishment was done by New Lexington Fire Equipment. Total cost of this project with including chassis was $30,000.

June 27 to July 2, the town of Beaverdale celebrated its Centennial with week long festivities at the fire station and jubilee grounds. Various organizations from Beaverdale and Summerhill Township were involved in with this centennial.

1996-May 23, PA Department of Health issued a Quick Response Service (QRS) license, and the fire company began running with the Beaverdale Area Ambulance on EMS assist.

1998-October 23,  the fire company received a 1 1/4 ton 1986 Chevrolet 4 wheel drive pickup truck from the Bureau of Forestry.

1999-May 5, erected a 40' x 60' pavilion at rear of fire station at cost of $8000.00

2000-March 5, the 1986 Chevrolet pickup truck was placed into service, as Brush 80-5 to assist on brush and forest fires.

May 8, replaced low pressure cascade system on Utility 80-3 with a 4 bottle 6000 psi system and replaced low pressure SCBA on Engine 80-2 with 4500 psi SCBA's
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History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity.
Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC), Pro Publio Sestio

2000-June 25;Completed renovation of pavilion with concrete floor, enclosed with wooden railing with labor   done by Cambria County Inmate renovations program.
Also,department personnel installed walk-in cooler, restrooms, and bar area.

2003- May 25;Purchased former Carol's Restaurant aka Barr's Hotel at Cambria County Tax   Sale at cost of $50.00 plus filing fees

July 5; Purchased 2003 Chevrolet 1500 pick-up to be used as a personnel carrier at cost of $35,000. This vehicle replaces a 1982 Dodge Van

2004-April 22; Demolished former Carol's Restaurant aka Barr’s Hotel at a cost of  $12,000fto be used as the future site of new fire station

August 5; Completed renovation of new handicapped accessible restrooms at cost of  $22,000


2005-March 5; Agreement to renovate the current fire station.

June 2;Erected a 20' x 25' Band Pavilion to be used at fire company festivals at cost of $6,000.

June 20;Completed renovation of fire station with new dryvot siding, insulation entrance  doors and windows, new rubberized roof, and repaving of parking lot plus installation of 30 KW emergency generator at cost of $75,000

August 12; Received Department of Homeland Security Grant for new fire engine in the amount of $239,500.

October 9; Placed order for a new 2007 Spartan-Crimson Fire 1250 GPM Rescue/Engine  from Kaza Fire Equipment  Ebensburg PA at cost of $315,074.

October 20 ; 6 personnel certified as Firefighter 1

October 25; Broke ground for new 60' x 135' fire station, 3 bay apparatus room for 6 vehicles, generator, mechanical, and wash room. Meeting/training and weight rooms, office, lounge/kitchen and sleeping quarters 
2006; Awarded SAFER Grant for weight equipment, dress u
niforms, and award presentation plaques for yearly awards

October 1;Took delivery of new 2006 Spartan/Crimson Fire 1250 GPM Rescue/Engine

November 23;Placed new Rescue/Engine in-service. This unit replaces 1976 FMC Ford 750 GPM engine

2007 January 21; Received Department of Homeland Security grant in the amount of for purchase of new 5" supply hose, attack lines, nozzles, blitz gun,  and thermal imaging camera

June 12 ; 6 personnel certified as Firefighter II

June 20; Sold 1976 Ford FMC Engine for $18,000

June 25; Moved into new fire station at 404 Cedar Street

September 30; Dedication of the new fire station

October 15; Started renovations of the front section social hall by removing 3 bay doors,  installation of new windows and doors in entrance and dryvot on front to  match rest of building. Removed interior dividing wall and installation of new ceiling, new lighting and painted interior walls. Work was done by Cambria County Renovations Inmate Program

December; Received Homeland Security Grant  for purchase of  new SCBA's , 25 sets of new bunker gear, Hose dryer, and gear extractor

June; Received Homeland Security Grant for purchase of emergency generator for station and RIT pack

September; Started renovations of rear section of social hall with new ceiling and lights. Also installation of canopy over front entrance. Work done by Cambria County renovations Inmate Program

July; Received Department of Homeland Security regional grant n the amount of $198,930 for new county wide radio system upgrade for 6 fire departments and 2 EMS services in the Forest Hills School district.

December 8; New emergency generator installed at fire station

January 5; New one piece flaked tile floor installed front section of social hall.

February 1;Beaverdale Area Ambulance cease operation, fire company now responds QRS on all medical calls until ambulance arrives for transport

February 12; Fire company pavilion used for festivals collapses from heavy snow

August 3;Completed rear section of social hall with flaked tile floor to match fron

October 19; Fire company pavilion rebuilt.